Sunday, 24 August 2008

Long time no read ay?

Hi, I'm back from my bloggin break. To be honest I went off blogging.....aaah Photobucket shocking i know, but I've not been in the mood to rely a good story to all of you readers, but you'll be happy to know i'm back in "the zone" now and ready to blog.

Before i proceed, check the pics out above the text. They are basically a collection of all the photos i've managed to salvage from my mobile phone now that i'd recently bought a USB lead for it. Some of them date back to March. The ones with the red coat on Kal were took yesterday.

So as to recent events. I turned 26 on Tuesday. I've long since gotten over the fact that I am getting older and I am now just getting on with it. I feel like a spring chicken still and thats what counts. I didn't get anything special for my birthday, except for beer from work, which you have to admit is unusual lol and an extra special gift from someone special. It was an amazing stylophone!! Now i hear you all asking, what on earth is a stylophone. Its a musical instrument.... not a popular one i'll admit, but one that could barely pass for one. The Stylophone was a runaway success in the '70s, not so much within musical circles (although they have been used by such luminaries as David Bowie, Kraftwerk and Pulp) but as a gimmick and a toy. It has a horrible, buzzy pulse wave through a small cheap speaker that sounded like a very butch wasp on steroids, but still you've got to admit it rocks. Seriously, look at the guy with it below. lol Photobucket

So, Birthday aside, the weeks been a goodun. Was payday this week so bought stuff and paid my rent and maintanence. I got a bargain on ebay when looking for a new cell phone. I bought a Sony Ericsson W850i for only £60, which is great as they are normally worth around £100. Go me!Photobucket Just waiting for it to come through in the post now. I also bought some cool clothes for my son Kal off ebay all thanks to Emma for the recomendation. Much appreciated. Shes like my shopping advisor lol.

I went out last night to celebrate my birthday. I did invite most of my friends on Facebook, reminding them through the week on and off of my birthday night out....... only one turned up.Photobucket Plus there was no live band on to liven the night up. To make it even worse, my ex and her friends (my old friends that are my ex's friends) turned up and were in my face the whole night asking me to dance and acting overly happy. It was frustrating and hard to keep a happy face on instead of the disapointed face that i would have put on had they not been there. I drank up and went home to forget about that night. Nuff said about that...

As for today, I've just basically been watching movies. I watched Tropic Thunder. Wow, what an amazing film. After watching for it, its as though Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Jr are asking for lawsuits after portraying a white austrailian acting coloured and Ben Stiller acting as he calls "retarded". Very risky, but it was still an hilarious film. Go see. I also watched the new Star Wars animated film and Get Smart. Both not as good as Tropic Thunder, but still great films. As for how i got to see them coming from the UK, the less i talk about my methods the better Photobucket

Will leave this blog till next time, and i promise that i won't leave it as long next time.



Emmie said...

wow! what an incredibly cool gift! only someone with great taste and a fab sense of humour could choose something so fantastic!

glad ur keeping busy, shame on ur mates for not coming out for ur bday - mebe it was the wrong weekend as some get paid this week.

no matter - kal is gorjus and perfect - you are happy tiz the main thing.

Take care and blog soon x

UrbanVox said...

tough day uh...
I was in the same mood for like... a week... or more...
The blogger within might be coming back tho... all I need is the time!!
6 productions and 3 months deadline... and one short film in pre-production... yay!! :)
BTW... don´t give up!!!