Tuesday, 5 May 2009

The Long Weekend

Awww, blog, listen I'm sorry for neglecting you. Look at you, you are all withered and suffering from withdrawl symptoms. I'm back with an update to ressurect you. Sorry, I've been busy. Forgive me?

The weekend was a long one. I took off most of last week because I was asked to mind my son and my ex's son for her overnight mid-week while she went to see Pink in concert in Liverpool. Being the good natured fella I am, I agreed to help out. I originally booked off Wednesday and Thursday, but booked off Friday as well because whats the point in going into work for one day?

I had them overnight without so much of a cry, which involved me taking Rhys, her son to school on both days, which was cool. On the Thursday, I picked him up and we went the park afterwards and had a game of football.

Friday, I spent mostly playing Call of Duty: World at War. Addictive, Much! lol As with most games, I completed it on a few difficulty levels and wanted more. So curiosity made me try the multiplayer aspect of the game and Voila! It let me on even though I had not purchased a membership. I'm still a bit hesitant about it. Free? surely not. When I had Call of Duty 4 I had to pay full membership to go on it. Weird. I ain't complaining. I've been on the multiplayer now every spare second and have ranked up quite well to level 30, Sgt commander I think. I have once again developed a short fuse when teen americans/british whining kids start making stupid noises and stuff and also though getting killed quickly by snipers. grrr I'm doing well though, winning the war and battling on through lol

Saturday came and didn't do anything but CoD all day until around 5.30, when me and a friend set off to see The Fray live!. I know amazing right. It all started off well. I had written the directions down and had my navigating head on with high hopes that we wouldn't get lost. Only my friend had his independant-navigating-know-the-right-way head on and we got lost. We overshot our destination by a few miles and had to stop for directions a few times. An hour or so later, we got there and queued for a while before they let us in. It was an impressive venue I must admit, not the best I've seen though. We were amongst the first 50 to get into the place so we were quite close to the front. I had high hopes that my view wouldn't be obstructed by any gits or git-esses, but as soon as the opening act came on, said gits and git-esses started to side shuffle right in front of me. It tested my patience. I had to keep reminding myself that there are probably a dozen height impaired people behind me trying to see over my head to see the band.

The night went on and The Fray came on. Wasn't the rock n roll atmosphere that I'm used to but I enjoyed their set loads. The combination of vocal, guitar and piano talents from the lead singer, Issac Slade made the band what they were and he didn't let us down on the night. Overall, it was a brill night and I'd definately see them again.

I was hurting the next day from all the standing and stuff, and I felt as though I had the beginning signs of the man-flu coming on (still feel like crap). So I spent most of the day in sipping lemsips and avoiding contact with anyone. That night, I felt better so I went to a friend's party that I was invited to. I got there and was told that they'd be bringing Rock Band with all the instrument controllers!

The host of the party, Dave said that we were all going to be split into bands of three people. I naturally opted to play guitar every single time, but as the night went on I tired the singing. It went bad.... They chose Rio by Duran Duran for me to sing lol It was funny to say the least. I was more at home singing Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Slow (hey oh) and other songs that were more of a lower key. The highlight of the Rock Band experience was hearing people sing Pretty Fly for a White Guy by The Offspring (yes... even me). "give it to me baby, uh uh uh uh!". lol I loved seeing my old friends again and had a great time and even had one those philsophical conversaitons you have in the early morning when drinking about random insignificant stuff lol.

And on our Bank Holiday Monday, I spent it on CoD. Thats my big weekend in a bag. I'll probably be on CoD tonight too. Its addictive lol See ya.

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