Thursday, 30 July 2009


It's amazing what you can rustle up when hungry and have limited ingredients. For instance, I was at my exs recently minding the kids and I needed to eat. I fed the kids with chicken, chips n beans but found out there wasn't enough for me :( so I explored the cupboards. I found chicken super noodles and hot dogs hmmmmm. They seemed to go well together at the time so I mixed in chopped hotdogs in and voilĂ !

Superdogs! Thought I'd share that with ya. No need to thank me.

Went and saw Harry potter at weekend. Wow. Best film of 2009, I kid you not. It had me entertained all the way through. Check it out. It has comedy, action, romance and more.

I've also watched ice age 3 which was cool, public enemies "go Johnny", and most films out at the mo.

Not been up to a lot myself lately, applies for my own place from the council hopefully I'll get a place soon after lying through my teeth on the application.

See ya soon

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sazza said...

Mal! Where have you been hiding?! Get this blog updated pronto!!!

Nashe^ said...

I have yet to watch Public Enemies. I can't believe myself.