Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Stephen King's IT - ReReview

Its always good to revisit books that you read sometime back, as you may have missed or not quite grasped some of the story or ideas contained within the book. 

I decided to revisit the first Stephen King book I read, IT. IT got me into King's books in a big way. It (IT) showed me in one go King's imagination, creativity and horror on a grand scale, with notions of other worlds, dimensions and cosmic beings in on fail swoop. Me being 18 at the time didn't quite understand the concept of various sub-plots and goings on (most of it was quite complicated), but the overall story. Being a now mature 32, I found I took more in and the story took on a new light.

This time round, the it was like reading anew experiencing the multi-faceted characters, multi-subplots and grandiose storytelling through different mature eyes. 

Overall, the story (an epic tale), whilst it at points changes to different times and is told from different characters perspective (which can be a little frustrating), is a great read; one of King's best. Definitely one I'd recommend time and time again. 

(note: After reading again, I resent the film adaption of the book as it missed loads of things out. I hear the book may be made into a two part film?!?? Fingers crossed it gets the adaption it deserves)

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