Saturday, 5 July 2008

Lunar Lunacy

Everyone knows theres some idiots out there, but this one takes the biscuit. The moon was mistaken for a "bright, stationary" UFO which had been loitering for at least half an hour, by a confused local in South Wales who made a 999 call to the police. Ok, the only similarity I see is that its in the sky and is bright lol. Some people can be extremely dumb. Other bizarre calls cited by the police force included someone asking for help voting for Rhydian a contestant on The X-Factor and another requesting a pound coin for their supermarket trolley. Conclusion: Some Brits are dumb.

Latest news: I'm overcoming my confidence issue more then expected. I seem to be coming out of my shell a lot lately and I feel really good about myself. I'm realising this bit by bit as the days go by, mostly through noticing that I'm talking to more people without threating over saying the right words and more recently phoning someone I have the hots for, who i met over the net and have been flirting with since around Nov 07. It was a big thing and I was told I came across quite well. Sucess! lol

My ex messed me about again today. *sigh* The story goes as follows: I realised early morning that there was no where to take the kids. This was due to the fact that all my family members had plans and plus it was raining heavily. I therefore phoned her to ask if it was possible to have the kids next weekend. This caused a tirade of nasty texts to be returned. Eventually, i phoned her and came to an agreement that I would take the kids for her for four hours at the local kids play area I've mentioned in previous posts and that she would pay. She seemed quite desperate to get rid of the kids, even though it was only for four hours. Five mins after collecting the kids we had a text argument (we text more then phoning, always have), which went like this:

EX: "C U at usual time 5. Take them park" (its weird how that little text caused me to go from calm to angry in a very little timeframe.)

ME: "How dare you change the time after I took the kids off you. That is not on. As the limbo players say, How low can you go?" (i thought that was a good retaliation at the time. sounds childish now)

EX: "lower then you mal. Your a selfish guy"

ME: "How dare you turn this around so I am the bad one. Its all you, you bitch"

EX: "bring them bk at 3pm, i am running late as it is"

ME: "No, 2pm, like we agreed"

EX: "I said 2.30pm. It cums to sum things wen i have to force you to have your own son"

ME: "No, its being reasonable, not forcing. Them glasses you have are obviously bitch goggles, you see stuff which ain't right" (i felt this was OTT and sad, but i was really angry)

EX: "lmao, you are so sad" (sad = lame, I agree that last comment was lame lol)

ME: "you are sadder then sad" (even lamer I know. I was fuming mad at this point)

EX: "take kids park till 4pm"

ME: "no, you said 2.30pm and that is what time I'm bringing them back, like it or not. Its been raining and the park will be wet".

EX: "it won't be mal. I've gota do two more trips"

ME: "yes, it will. It rained quite hard before. Will be taking them yours at 2.30pm, be there." (It felt good texting be there. Quite like a hollywood film)

EX: "k***head"

ME: "will you be there or not"

EX: "no, but my fella will be there" (first time shes ever referred to her "lodger" as being her fela breakthough in closure methinks)

ME: "will be there in a mo"

I got to her house after a long bus ride to be greeted by "her fella". Its good to finally label him, as for a long time he has just been a good friend, although I knew that he was seeing her and living with her. He doesn't seem a good enough role model for my son or stepson. Worse thing is i can't hate him. Hes cool. He goes concerts, he likes gaming and he has an ok personality. He seems to be a lounge about and a scrounger though which is bad. I remind myself though its her thats causing me the grief and so i should focus my defences and counter attacks at her if needs be.

Anyways, when i drop kids off, she is in her pyjamas and chilling with her friend Amy (as mentioned in previous blog about hospital trip). Seems that she has been at home all day. Which seems to back up my assumption that she lies to me and uses me.....a lot. Not good.

Anyways, that was today over with. A nightmare of a day followed by a highlight tonight of finally talking to an online friend over the telephone. It was cool.

I'll leave you with this funny pic i found online entitled "If your ex girlfriend had an IMDB page". Its quite suitable but not all of it relates tome. i hope it gives you readers some giggles.