Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Pup on the Loose

Found this picture through Deviant Art. Thought I would share it as it certainly caught my eye.
Preparations for the family trip up to Scotland are well on the way. We've sucessfully cleaned the motor home and it looks as good as new. Well, it looks like it was made in the 70s so its as good as it was back then lol. Its the type of vehicle that OAPs take touring across the country. Its got floral decorations on the interior, a cooker, shower, toilet and refridgerator and its taking us four up north to Scotland. Its going to be fun.
It looks a lot bigger then it actually is. Its quite small actually. Like I said its going to be fun travelling up to Scotland in it. The place we are actually going to is a small villiage outside of Edinburgh called Innerleithen. noting really to say about it apart from its a small village with many caravan parks, but i've been assured a good time and thats all that matters. I'll be taking my trusty camera to take pictures of the area and happenings and will be posting them after my trip. Below is a map of roughly where it is compared to where I live, shown by a red dot.
Today, we found a stay dog. Well, i say we, but our lodgers Andy and his mum Jan, my dads girlfriend found a dog in our garden. His collar reads Naz and it has a telephone number on it, but the phone number just rings out. Hes a beautiful Yorkshire Terrier and is a bit of an old pup. He seems to be getting along with our own dog Ivory who is a Chiuaua. Going to put posters around in local stores and chip shops saying that the dog has been found. Hopefully, someone will recognise and phone us to collect. Naz reminds me of the Yorkshire Terriers we used to have. I loved them loads, but both passed away for one reason or another. 
Will update soon peeps. Catch ya later.