Monday, 8 December 2008

The joys of winter...

I hate winter for obvious reasons. Namely:

1. the cold..
2. the fact that most are susceptible to catching a cold in the winter.
3. you have to buy more clothes to keep warm.
4. the gas bill sky rockets.

6. the cold...brrrrr

I much prefer spring/summer (apart from the bugs). I feel like I am coming down with a cold. It put it all down to the cold and a bad choice in footwear. I wear converses. They let the cold in real bad and I felt yesterday like my feet were in fact in blocks of ice. I’ve made a mental note now to wear my other trainers when going out. They are made out of the white leather stuff normal trainers are made out of and not material.

My weekend wasn’t bad in all honesty. It all kicked off on Thursday night. I went to a local bands gig and got wasted with friends and had a great time. Friday night came and it was a works night out. It was to be held at Formby Hall, an exclusive spa and golf resort. I enjoyed the night, which mainly consisted of a five course meal, followed by free champagne and a comedy act, which had me in stitches.

Before attending at the works Christmas gathering, I felt my confidence had come on leaps and bounds, but the first sight of mingling with other work colleagues, I went back to shy ole Mal, and just sat off on my own for some of the night. A few drinks later though, I was having good conversations with others. Overall it was a good night. I got back at 2am in the morning, and went straight to bed not before taking a pic of myself in my smart attire.

Later that day I awoke and went to collect my son, but as it was cold out, we stayed in. I had them overnight, as his mum, my ex was going out. She seems to be going out a lot lately and I’ll need to make a mental note to not agree to have them overnight as often. On the plus side though, she is paying me back some of the money she owes me bit by bit every weekend.

Sunday came and I had a great time with the kids through the day waiting for the ex to return to the house. As usual she took her time and I left hers at 3pm. I waited around for a bus for a long time being a Sunday and the cold got to me badly and later on I gradually felt worse for wear and sick. I couldn’t get the sleep properly as I was having violent shivering bouts and because of this my sore back really hurt. It has been hurting for a couple of days now. I’ve never felt anything like that. I was retching in pain and shivering really bad. I managed to get to sleep eventually after breathing deeply and the shivering subsided. This morning though, I have no energy at all and still feel bad, but I’ve made an effort to go into work. If it gets worse, I’ll ask for sick leave. Fingers crossed that I get over this quickly and it doesn’t worsen.

Apart from the doom and gloom I feel lately, the Christmas spirit has eventually caught up with me and I’ve been humming and singing Christmas songs around the house and in work. It’s contagious. I was tormenting my son and step son with repetitive OH OH OH!s and they did likewise. It was fun. I’ve made two Christmassy designs recently and I thought I’d share them with you good people.

Will update you all as to how I feel and what I get up to soon.


Emmie said...

aw sorry to hear you are feeling poorly :( sooo not good :( Make sure you wrap up warm, buy yourself some boot's like timberland or something, they'll keep your tootsies nice and warm in this weather, a well worthy investment :o)

Sounds like you had a nice weekend anyway with both your children, love the photos :)

Get well soon.

Mal said...

thanks emmie

much appreciated

Karenvizzy said...

Sorry you weren't feeling well... Hopefully you've recovered since!

But I do have to agree with you... Winter is way too cold sometimes! Especially for converses, which happen to be my shoe of choice as well.

Luckily I was smart enough to move back to Los Angeles, California after one snowing winter in Salt Lake City, Utah!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!