Thursday, 8 January 2009

Hello New Year!

Its 2009.. Who would have thought it? I'm a 90's kid and always will be. Never did I think towards this far into the future (even though my imagination has always been very wild and sci- fi).

The year has started off well, which is a good start indeed. I'm hoping with fingers and toes crossed, that this year will be one to remember, unlike last year which pretty much stank of old socks dipped in blended bad eggs. I split with my ex, which on one hand was a god send, but on the other I don't get to see my son as much as I'd like and I am back living with my parents. Not the worst off I could have been, but still bad.

Late 08 was a bad one for the family, which kind of makes 09 more of a new start. My sister had troubles at home and so did my dad and his girlfriend at New Years. Plus I had an accident Christmas Eve, where I damaged my dodgy knee again whilst being a drunken idiot and left me hobbling around ever since. I'm Only just getting over that one, but at least I never had to visit hospital or anything. Apart from that though, Christmas was great, I spent Christmas day with most of my family and had a great time.

I was stricken by anxiety recently, as the great UK recession hit my workplace. Many stores and firms within the UK have been affected by the recent recession and many employees have been made redundant as a result. I thought I was going to be one of the "R crowd" yesterday, but was relieved when nothing happened and my boss didn't provide me with my unemployment papers. My thoughts go out to those who have been made redundant however. These are hard times and many of my colleagues in work have been made unemployed, some of which have worked within my company for more years then myself. I wish them every success in the future and good luck with finding a job.

Now that I am quite sure my job is safe (but not totally sure....), I can start planning on improving my circumstances and making 09 a successful year for me. First things first. To feel good about myself, I need to get out of my parent's house, therefore, I've started to look for a modest one bed roomed apartment in the local area and hope that come pay day, I'll be able to afford one. Fingers crossed. The next part of my action plan is to then see about getting my driving lessons back on the road. Driving is something I will need when it comes to visiting friends, family and most importantly collecting and dropping off my son.

Back to the apartment hunting through... I've gotten myself all excited about the prospect of moving out, I'm dancing all over the show. I've recently seen one that's very "swank". I'm not getting my hopes up as anything that looks this good is normally not for real. As you can see below though, the apartments are situated on the River Mersey and have a brilliant view of the nearby bridge, which is a smaller version of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The price is only £375 per month and it is fully furnished. I've requested more information on the apartment so watch this space.

It seems I'm back at the blogging game. I hope many people come to view my blog as I would like their opinion on goings on in my life. I may add a review every now and then to spice things up. See ya soon!


Emmie said...

hey wow love the look of those appartments and that rent is cheap as chips! I wish I could rent an appartment here so for little!

I hope you do manage to get yourself one, i think it will be the new start you need :)

Let me know when the house/appartment warming is! ;)


Emmie said...

erm think your displaying the wrong pic for proud bookworm award LOL