Thursday, 26 March 2009

"You know this much is true"

If you thought you'd had enough when they first came around, be warned Eighties pop group Spandau Ballet have put aside years of bad blood and court battles for a comeback tour to take place around Autumn.

Great, another pip from the past wants to earn more money by reforming. They follow suit from various bands, (Boyzone, Take That, Duran Duran, NKOTB, etc) who have decided to bleed their fame dry from the public like money leeches. Some are successful, like Take That who have managed to produce some very cool songs and have sell out gigs across the UK. The main questions are, does Spandau Ballet deserve a world tour? Were they that good to begin with? I can name two songs in total that stand out when thinking of Spandau (I won't again), True (1983) and Gold (1983), both which topped the charts, which was a really amazing thing to do back then in the time of ridicuous one hit wonders and cheesy dance songs.

Singer, Tony Hadley did not speak to brothers Gary and Martin Kemp for a number of years - but they have now set aside their differences. The last time fans saw the band together, they were facing off across a court room. Hadley, Norman and Keeble sued songwriter Gary Kemp for a £1 million share of the royalties, but lost. There followed years of acrimony in which they communicated solely through lawyers. Journalists at a press conference on HMS Belfast in London, the scene of a landmark early gig in 1980, were told there had been a gradual reconciliation between the bandmates over the last 18 months. 

Whats funny is Hadley was quoted in 2007 in The Daily Express as saying: "I know you should never say never, and bands in the past have said hell would freeze over before they got back together, but in our case I think hell is frozen and we still wouldn't do it." He should have kept to his word in my view, but seeing as they are now reformed like some Spam alternative of music and everyone likes a good sing along to some of their songs *breaks out in a frenzy of singing True*, a circuit tour of the UK would have been more appropriate (keep it contained) then the world tour planned and only then at clubs and pub.


sazza said...

I wont be going to see them!

Nashe^ said...

I so haven't even heard of these people.

Mal said...

You both are not missing out on much.

Sarah said...

My brother will kill me if he ever sees this but he used to dance around the living room when he was little sing 'Gold' at the top of his voice, he only knew two lines but sang them over and over. Funny stuff, he still cringes now when I bring it up.
He also said yesterday when hearing about the tour 'I didn't know Martin Kemp was Ross Kemp's brother' lol. Love it!!!

But yeh, I wont be seeing them either!

Xbox Maven said...

Wow... I consider myself pretty knowledgable about the 80s pop icons, and I have no clue who these folks are. Is that sad?