Monday, 30 March 2009

Battle of the Blogs

I've been getting bored of Blogger lately. Its been frustrating posting blogs in the level of quality I want. The WYSIWYG editor doesn't always translate what I type in the screen itno HTML properly for some reason (line breaks and basic formatting).

That being the case, I ventured towards the Wordpress website.....

I havn't made my mind up yet, but it seems organised enough and has some benefits, but something just ain't right... its like walking into familiar terratory, like your living room and seeing everything too organised as if a cleaner with OCD has moved everything around and taken some stuff for herself. I'm not sure I like it, but.... i'll give it a go for a post or two to see what it is like overall. Give it thorough going over with a toothcomb and I will let you know what I discover.

You will see I've changed my title to Laid Back Lion. I also got bored with my original title, Life Without an Instruction Book. The meaning was lost on me, mostly because no one really has an instruction book anyway, we all just ride through life making our own in our head.  Laid Back Lion, means something to me however. I'm a leo, I like looking at lions in general and I'm very laid back. I could have chosen the word lazy which would have been more apt, but that would just be putting myself down and I've done enough of that in the past. I would like your views on the new title if possible. Going to work on a new header for either here or wordpress, depends which one I choose.

Last weekend went fine, I went out Friday night to a gig. It was meant to be a few bands on that night, but only two turned up. One being a band I follow on and off, The Loves. I got there, paid £5 to get in and mingled with friends, the band came on, I had a bit of a dance and all was well. Thing is by the time I had to leave, only one band had been on and I had paid £5 to get in. Scandellous! I was a bit cheesed off and stormed off later in the night to get a taxi home.

Had my son on Saturday, went to a children's play creche called Sues Madhouse. Felt weird sitting with loads of mothers and their children. It seemed I was outnumered and could see the eyes drilling into my whenever I went and played with him in the toddlers area. It was a fun day nevertheless and my son seemed to enjoy himself.

Sunday came and I just lazed around all day, playing on my Xbox. I rented a game a few days back, Left 4 Dead, which is a zombie, survival, horror, make your nerves go on edge, kinda game. Thought I would give it ago seeing as though a fellow blogger Xbox Maven suggested I give it a go. I actually enjoy it. I think I'd enjoy it more if I had gold membersip and could play online, but unfortunately, I ain't. I might fork out some money to play online seeing as though I've done everything a single player can do, not sure I would be any good though.I keep getting pounced on by hunters or I am always face to face with the big tank monsters... lol I'm always stealing the medi packs. Good at headshots and bombs though thats a plus.

That brings me to today, which is a new week started and work work work... exciting stuff.  Will update ya later


Sarah said...

I like your new title - it suits you! I know what you mean about the instruction book, even if there was one, knowing me, I wouldnt stick to it anyway. Anarchy all the way baby! Lol. x

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Oooo I like your new title. It's very catchy... If you do decide to make an account on wordpress be sure to update me that way I can also check out your new blog. =)

Emmie said...

ding ding dong.. look forward to the new header, like the new title & glad your sticking with blogger tiz good stuff..