Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Feeling Fruity

I've been a bit tired lately, lasting over the past few weeks. (could be why I've not blogged in a bit) What could be the cause? Well, I dunno. It could be as a result of lack of vitimins, as I don't eat fruits often and foodstufs containing vitimins..It could be that I have spent the last few nights concentrating solely on editing photographs I have taken recently,  It could be that I don't exercise... ever lol or it could be that I am not getting enough sleep (staying up till past midnight and then getting up at 8am the next day could be having an effect on me). Whatever the problem, I need to fix it. I may go to my doctors for a routine check up. The last one I had was in 1996.....I think... lol I know for a fact he won't say something like I'm going to die or anything, but I just put off going to the doctors maybe because my dad does. He is a traditional bloke, like when he gets a cold, he roughs it out and just will not see a doctor.

Anyways, enough rambling on about health problems and on with the update-i-mi-bob (i enjoy putting stuff like that at the end of words. It makes it sound all funny).

NOTE: My main highlight was naturally having Kallam for the day, but its best to put things in chronological order when updating. Plus, I'm feeling fruity today, so I may overexaggerate a warned.

I finished work on Friday with more excitement then a kid in a candy store. I was to meet a real celeb, my first one. That night, if things went well, I was to be meeting an ex-member of Oasis, nicknamed Bonehead. Who, you say? Most people didn't have a clue and only die-hard Oasis/music fans knew who he was. Mr Bonehead, Mr Paul Arthurs as I now know him to be, was to be showing up in a nearby town, Runcorn with his new band Vortex. Yipee! So I headed along over the Mersey to meet up with friends with my camera in hand to get some band shots and hopefully to get an autograph.

I got there and there he was on stage sound checking... I went straight for my fellow Oasis fan, whos stage name is Dave Love (i know very gay), who is also in a band and we did the excited jumping stuff. I took a few pics of friends messing about and posing and then when the first band came on I went into photography mode. At the start, it wasn't that hard, but as the night progressed, I soon found that drinking alcohol when photographin caused me to snap random people who I thought looked funny, most of the shots were blurred and some were very close up lol I got a fair few decent ones though. I might sneak some links to the photographs on the bands myspaces and see if they pick up on them. Maybe I'll get a part time job from it.... wishfull thinking there ay. Got to do it. lol Below are some shots from the night I took.

Half way through the night, I ventured out into the back smoking area outside. Me and my friend Amy were doing the goofing around thing and squabbling over whether to approach Mr Head or not. Being drunk and full of courage, I walked over with purpose having gained enough courage through drinking and lightly tapped him on his shoulder with little regard that he was mid-conversation with a friend of his, possibly a roadie. Looking back, he seemed mildly irritated, but concented to providing me with two signatures no less and a photograph with Dave Love, who now cherishes the photo. Photographers will sympathise with me that we are alwys behind the camera and hardly ever get snapped, so I never got my photograph with Mr Head. *sad face*. I got the autographs though, which I'll undoubtedly lose lol.

I woke up on Saturday feeling way under par and thinking to myself, why oh why did I drink. That soon passed when I recollected the fun and good times of the night. I quickly got dress and set off to get Kallam. Two things that don't go well together is being in a hungover state and riding our local bus service number 79c. The 79c route is rollercoaster hell for hangoverees and goes along loads of twisty turny, vomit enducing roads. As the trip went on and on, I got dizzier, hotter, and stuff. Luckily, I managed to contain myself to the end of the journey and quickly departed the bus and round the back of a nearby bus stop for some alone time.... nice. After a quick trip to the shop for fruit juice and munchies, I felt right as rain again and made my way to collect Kallam.

We had a great day. I took him to get his mop top cut, which again he behaved so well, the hair dressers were shocked and I was soooo proud lol Then again, I think Kallam is just scared in them situatons as he wears the expression of a victim. As seen to the right. lol  We then went to my dads for a bit and then onto a kids play area in town. Its possible that I am the most proud dad in the world when I'm with my son. He means the world to me and seeing him smile and just being around him fills me with joy and happiness. I took him back and then set off for home where I proceeded to relax and laze about before going out on Saturday with my friend James.

Saturday night went well, we met up at our other friend, Al's house and then went to the local boozer where we did the usual game of  "drool and stare at any lady who walks by". I'm sure we've been spotted doing that many times, but none of us make an effort to approach anyone. We then headed off towards the more livlier places in town where we drunk shots, had a few laughs and towards the end of the night danced the night away. I must say hanging around with James has strengthened my confidence, because looking back a year ago, I wouldn't have had the confidence to go out on the town, let alone dance while out on the town. Not had any luck with the ladies yet, but given time I should be alright. Maybe its the glasses? I've ordered some trial ones to test out new looks, as its proven women while on a night out firstly look at the face and if its someone with glasses or something, they are put off. Sounds shallow, but it seems true.

No sign of a hangover on Sunday, and it basically consisted of relaxing, being lonley, seeking company with my pet dog Ivory and slobbing about. Then on with work, which brings me to today.

Hope you've enjojyed this blog as much as I enjoyed typing it.


The Girl of Make Believe said...

Ouch, us girls aren't all shallow! I admit I have to like the look of someone but I quite like guys in glasses. Perhaps its because I wear them myself.....but I highly doubt its the glasses putting them off, probably the dance moves or the drooling! Lol.

Pic of Kallam is adorable as always! x

kate said...

Aww sounds like you had a fun weekend :) Glad to see ya back n blogging too. And I agree with the comment above, we're not ALL shallow! More about personality than anything.