Thursday, 24 May 2012

MW3 troubles

I thought it was just me, having returned to first person shooting games, namely MW3, I found I was getting killed more then had had been on previous games (Black Ops, MW2).

Apparently, I’m not the only one who thinks this. Many people around the web are stating that they have been affected with the same difficulties. These are:

1.    Matchmaking:

Whenever entering a new match, no matter what game type, it is unfair the way it matches you with high ranked players.  I’m only 71 no prestige, but it ranks me with triple prestige players.

Instead, I have come to find out it matches gamers by ping. Not sure what that means (can anyone clarify). Surely they should match with level rank first.

Being pitted against the die hard veterans of CoD means I don’t get the valuable practice I need to improve.

2.    Maps are too open

Many maps, are too open with not that many places to take cover. This may explain why I’m always getting clipped running from cover to cover.

3.    Maybe I’m just rusty from having not played it for a bit?

It comes to mind that maybe I’ve lost my not-so-sharp reflexes, my not-so-keen eye for the enemy or lost my appetite for the win? Then after seeing so much uproar online about the matchmaking problems and so on, I don’t think this is the case…. My pride doesn’t think this is the case :¬P

These issues have been around since the game was launched. The developers should have been on the case and fixed these, if not both, then surely the ranking issue. Its frustrating to have to be pitted against high ranked gamers every time and end up with high deaths / low kills.

Hopefully they will fix this asap. Fingers crossed.

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