Wednesday, 14 May 2008

A Case of Blogger's Block

I'm having trouble putting stuff down into a blog. I search the catacombes and deep recesses of my mind for something worthwhile to blog about, but alas, nothing presents itself....

Mental Note: No, the word "alas" is not a forgotten one, but is a word that shall be spoken again amongst ourselves. Bring forth words of days of yore, and let them be heard again. Maybe its just me with my facination with fantasy novels from authors such as Tolkien and Gemmell. A well placed "alas" in a conversation gives one a sence of eccentricity and will make one stand out from the crowd. Either that or make the said person look a fool. hmmm more thought needs to be put into whether or not to use alas.... maybe just in online writing then lol

So..... what to write, what to write?

The weekend! Thats a good place as ever. Got in Friday to an empty house. Everyone was at the pub. So I got changed into casual clothes. So speedy that Superman would be suprised. Sweaty shirt isn't a thing i want to stay in when at home.

I tend to walk fast everywhere, which is just some sort of habbit. Why? i don't know, but i always end up arriving to my destination early, knackered (tired) and a bit sweaty, whcih just isn't good. My mission is to start trying to slow down and enjoy a good casual walk arriving on time, but not too late or early and not tired in any way. Lets see if i can do it.

Anyways, upon departing from my work attire, i set about lazing about on my dad'ss girlfriend's pink leather couch.... not the best of colours, but its really comfy. The usual was on Paul O'Grady, a chat show which has me laughing more often then not. After that and after a quick bite, i head upstairs to go on net.... How exciting. Then off to bed.

Saturday cometh! and i quickly brush up my appearance and set off to go and pick the kids up for their Daddy Day. Upon arriving at casa del bitchio, i notice that shes making an effort to improve the joint. Good for her, its in need of a good doing over. I never enter the house though, as i feel uninvited, so i just stand outside waiting for her to prep the kids for departure. She gathers Kallam and plonks him into the pram and as soon as he sees me, he smiles and at that exact moment, he makes my day. The fact that he remembers me after a week of not seeing me means the world to me. His smile is amazing. He is one amazing boy. His eyes are amazing too, a misty shocking blue.

But alas! Rhys starts to play up. He kicks and screams saying that he does not want to go with me and that he wants to stay. His tantrums were because he had needles earlier that morning and he was feeling crabby, fair enough, i just wanted to be on my way, but Kay wanted me to take him, trying numerous ways to pawn him off on me and no way was i going to be dragging him, litterally, along. In the end, she gave up and i set on my way. Got on the bus, a ritual transport for mothers and their prams and squeezed on somehow amongst the other prams and set off on the long journey from Runcorn to the neighbouring town of Widnes (my birthplace). For future reference i've attached a map of the area below. The red being my father's house and where i am staying now, the blue dot being Casa del Bitchio.

So, i get there eventually. Spent the glorious hours of time with Kallam that i cherish so much. My dad loves the time too. At one time laughin histerically over something simple as feeding kallam. Something about how he opens his mouth when i do the airplane noises when feeding him. It had me laughing too, to see my dad so happy. Took him back without anything to report on, so that was Saturday over with.

Sunday came and went like dust in the wind. Nothing to report on there. well, apart from getting in touch with friends i havn't heard of in over 10 years. It was good to hear that they are all doing well. One was my best bud James Pritchard. Well, I say best buds loosley as we always seemed to be arguing and fighting over something or other. lol Known him since primary school when i was around 7/8 years old i think. The other people i found thanks to the miraculous Facebook was the friends i met through him. It is also good to see how they are doing after so long. Seems I have the most lived out life out of all of them, not sure if thats good apart from gaining experience. On Sundays as well, i find myself longing to be in the company of friends who may live near or far, but have not the time or money to go see them. One friend in particular, i'd love to spend time with and get to know, but the distance thing makes it impossible. oh well.

Thats another essay of a blog over with. It seems i did have something to blog about in the end didn't i? I wonder whats an appropriate length of a blog anyway? Do i blabber on too much?

till next time.

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Emma Jayne said...

haha oh mal you have me laughing, "costa del bitchio" sounds like something I would hear on the ITV series of Benidorm :o) I enjoyed this blog, a step by step account of events but not too long, very entertaining with a sprinkle of those special, magical moments like the time you spent with Kal ( and wha a handsom lil man he is!)

There's always sonthing to blog about, even if its some random daydream, the way someone made you feel or a memory which was brought to mind by seeing something or someone familiar. Its all good stuff and makes fab reading :)

p.s I like the new blog title, stop changing it tho as this means I now have to edit my blog links list.. AGAIN! :P Still, very good, suits your blog quite well x