Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Housemate Blues

I really feel for my housemate........All he wanted was no ties fun and frolics with one or two girls/women: he made this perfectly clear from the start of their affair. Yet when he goes and calls it quits after them apparently wanting more then just sex and developing feelings, he gets the hang mans noose around his neck for this and they take it more then just to heart, they are properly depressed. As can be seen from multiple Facebook statuses ranging from ones showing their anger at him to ones wanting to slice of his genitalia and put it through a blender.

IMO he did nothing wrong: maybe he talked too much to them and got to know them, maybe he was there for them when things went wrong in their lives, or maybe he just gave them the idea just by being caring. One of these girls is a friend of mine and she took it quite badly. Ooooh, badly isn’t the word I’m looking for. she took it so badly that she’s moving from the neighbourhood and is going to live elsewhere. She’s a nice gal too, has a bubbly personality and is good looking. I’d have asked her out myself had it not been for the fact she has really low self esteem and seems to be putting herself down all the time. A girl with issues. The other one he was seeing on the side is a nice one too, has a bubbly personality and seemed to me one who would have been happy in a casual non relationship. Can’t always count on feelings staying out of the equation. Anyways, my housemates left town for a week to take a breather from all the mayhem, maybe its for the best.

Onto myself anyway now. My Houseparty went well, I got drunk and had fun. The entire amount of visitors seemed intent of cramming themselves in the kitchen, small as it was, so i joined them. My mate Adam showed us how bulb in a microwave party trick and I provided the tunes through my ps3. It rocked. Everyone said they had loads of fun thanks to some party beer drinking cards. lots of flirting went on and I can't remember any of it. It was one of "those nights". 

The following morning was a sight and I left tidying up for another day and spent the day recovering. :P

I was told at the weekend, that the barmaid I asked out the previous weekend had been asking for me. I heard all this off my dad as she had been asking about how I am and that she was worried that I got the wrong end of the stick when she told me that she was only 18. It turns out it was more of an approval question then a statement. She thought I’d be against going out with someone that age. Its unknown territory for me, but anything’s worth a shot. Might be something there. I’ve asked my dad to try and get her number, as I’m unable to get to the pub after work. (I hate busses). Whether it’s on their list of priorities I don’t know. We’ll see.

I’m still working my way through Dan Browns book. It’s got me glued to it every lunchtime. It’s full of interesting facts, action and suspense. I’ll write a review when I get to the end.

Thats it for today. ciao

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sazza said...

Hiya Mal,

One bit of advice, get that girl's number yourself! Don't leave it to your Dad. As for your friend, are you *sure* he made his intentions quite clear? If so, I don't see what the problem was! Glad your flat warming went well. :)