Tuesday, 17 June 2008

double bed comforts

Yes, I finally have a bed. I've been promoted in the bed department.

Firstly, I had a makeshift inflatable one, which had a puncture. Then I had a 6ft long cushion as a bed. But now.... alas! I have a double bed all to myself. Yeah, it may squeak due to old springs and the mattress may be a little on the worn side, but it’s still a bed. Go me! After about a month of my dad and his girlfriend saying that they are going to buy a new bed for themselves, they actually did it at the weekend and yesterday night I and Andy assembled it. Blood, sweat and tears were produced upon completion of the bed.

We made a meaty job of a supposedly easy task. We had one minor fault on our part when we got the headboard the wrong way round. lol There was no screwdriver to be seen though and most of the assembly involved screwing screws into the wood without any pilot holes to guide it in. Nightmare! We found a Swiss army knife/pliers thingy and set about using that, but it ripped our hands apart hence the blood and tears. Eventually, I found some safety gloves and managed to complete the screwing of the screws. When assembling the bed, it looked very unstable and looked as though it couldn't take much weight, but having put it all together, it was quite stable and looked decent enough. (as soon as I get my mobile working, I’ll take camera shots of day to day events to add to my blog, as for now just imagine lol)

After a gruelling hour or so, we flopped onto the couch and slouched. I tried to wrangle a beer or two out of my dad for doing the bed for him, but no luck there...

Then for the rest of the night searched the web for free piano lessons. I recently found my old keyboard and have gone into a learn the piano phase. My phases only last a short time as my attention goes to and from different things all the time. Hopefully, I’ll stick to the piano. I quite enjoyed learning last night though I must admit. The video I found showed me how to play Mary Had a Little Lamb in varying stages of difficulty using two hands independently. If I get to play any popular songs on piano, when I get to that stage, I’ll post up a sound clip of it. I can already play the guitar, but not as good as I want to really. I may pluck up the courage to record myself singing and playing some day. Watch this space.

Nothin much else to report on, i'll update soon though, have no fear ;¬)

P.s I'm an avid gamer, and love computer games. I've grown up with them. Heres a trailer for an upcoming game i can't wait to play. The newest Prince of Persia Game. Excited much!.

Prince of Persia: Next Gen - 2008 Trailer - Free videos are just a click away

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Emma Jayne said...

ooooh...screwing of the screws.. sounds all official that! :o)

Glad you're FINALLY sorted in the bed dept :)

Piano is lovely, I hope you keep it up, it's my fave instrument.

and I like your new blog layout.. looks good with my screen resolution too!! yey! x